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About Us:

I started Asian Munchies Corp. with very humble beginnings. Fresh out of college, I found myself working at a job in an investment firm in New York; something I soon realized I have no interest in. In my time there, I met a summer intern who asked me if I knew where she can find Instant Noodles and other Asian snacks such as Glico Pocky and Calbee Shrimp Chips. Her roommate in college used to get care packages full of all these glorious foods, and she was instantly hooked.

I grew up as a first generation Chinese-American in New York City. Calbee chips, Instant Noodles and Hi-Chews were just as common to me at were Doritos, Campbell's Soup and Now & Laters. However, there's a whole world out there that has had limited or no exposure to Asian foods! As for this summer intern, she wanted all these foods but had no idea where she can buy them.

The wheels began turning in my mind. The idea of an Asian foods web store had sprouted. Within months, I had quit my day job and devoted everything I had to starting I launched in September 2000.

After many great years selling Asian Snacks, I decided to devote this business to wholesale only in May of 2007. Why? Well, when I launched Asian Munchies back in the year 2000, resources for Asian foods online were scarce. became a valuable shop for devoted Asian snacks fans and I simply couldn't let anyone down. As many shop owners can relate to, I developed many great relationships with loyal customers, many of whom shared great stories on how Asian foods became a part of their lives.

Nowadays, you can get everything online. By leaving the retail business for Asian foods, I no longer feel like I'm abandoning Asian snacks fans across the country. There are so many wonderful retailers available that have taken the place of And with that, I have decided to take to the next level, as a wholesale business.

Thanks to all my Asian Snacks devotees! wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you.

All the best,
Ellen C.

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We carry thousands of different Asian Grocery items, specializing in all foods, snacks and grocery items that are Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. Major brands include Glico, Kasugai, Lotte, Moringa, etc.